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The Synchronistic Collaboration of Father and Son

Kevin Mack Ray Mack ShapeSpaceVR VR VRart Zen Parade

In 2012, I was inspired to create my own meditation/healing music. One of the results was a song called 3rd Eye Infinite. I shared this song amongst my friends and used it for my own meditation practice for a few years with great results. 

I knew that this song had a profound purpose but I could not figure out how and when it would fit into my life. At the time of it's creation I was still DJing and I couldn't find the time to create the visual experience I felt that it needed. I hesitated asking my father, Kevin Mack (Academy Award winning VFX Supervisor), to create visuals because he was extremely busy working on a film project. 

In 2015, I got a call from my father who was looking for sound design for his virtual reality project, ShapeSpaceVR. He told me that the experience was supposed to be 3 minutes and 33 seconds, but after testing it he decided it looked better at half speed making it exactly 7 minutes and 6 seconds. When he told me this I nearly fell out of my chair from the cosmic synchronicity. I told him that I have a composition that had been collecting dust waiting for visuals and it is called 3rd Eye Infinite, which I made to be exactly 7 minutes and 6 seconds. We laughed about the timing and I sent it to him with the intention of using it as a stand-in until we could find or make something else. A few hours later he called me in a state of pure elation saying that 3rd Eye Infinite and his Zen Parade animation went so perfectly together that it was as if they were made for each other. This was when we knew we were onto something.

Since then I have made many improvements to the original version of 3rd Eye Infinite evolving it into the final piece.

It's been a pleasure working with my Dad on Zen Parade and we are excited about our continued collaboration and the creative possibilities for sound and music for virtual reality. 

If you are interested in ShapeSpaceVR and the new virtual reality app Zen Parade please visit

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