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I create immersive auditory experiences that are designed to induce transcendent meditative brain states. My process combines modern and ancient sound healing techniques, sounds from nature, and psychoacoustic engineering methods.


My intention is to provide relaxing, invigorating sonic vacations for the mind as a refuge from today's busy world.


Composer, DJ, producer, sound designer, and audio engineer are just a few of the hats worn by musician, Ray Mack.  Ray started playing multiple instruments and improvising songs when he was a toddler. Classically trained in piano and violin, Ray performed in the nationally acclaimed Santa Monica High School symphony orchestra, which was chosen to play Carnegie Hall in 2001. Ray continued his musical education at the Musician's institute KIT program where he studied advanced keyboarding, computer music production and synthesis.  


For the past 10+ years Ray has hosted a radio show on DI.FM titled LUMIN8. Ray has also worked for various promotion companies in Los Angeles and traveled as a touring DJ in Asia and Indonesia. Throughout his life, Ray has explored many forms of eastern and western healing modalities and practices. Combining his knowledge of meditation, vibrational healing, sacred sound and electronic music with inspiration from his travels in the mountains of Tibet, where he recorded chanting Monks, Lamas and traditional Tibetan folk singers, Ray is now creating his own form of sound healing music that fuses ancient traditions with modern technology.
Ray Recording Tibetan Monks