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DJ Mixes

This is my catalog of DJ Mixes from over 14 years of DJing House Music in all of its varieties as it shifted and evolved overtime. I have DJ'd music from the age of analog on vinyl turntables all the way through the era of CDs on CDJs and into the present digital age of mp3s on computers via midi controllers. 


LUMIN8: This is my radio show on the Progressive Channel of DI.FM. In this mix series I craft uplifting and invigorating journeys by blending and fusing various dance music sub-genres including Progressive Trance, Progressive House and Electro House. (I recommend episode 90 and 98 to start.)


Functional Parts: This older DI.FM radio show (which was renamed to LUMIN8 at episode 75) has hints of driving Progressive House mixed with clubland Tech-House infused with my uplifting, energizing and euphoric style. (I recommend episode 66, 57 and 68 to start.)


Geometric Funk: This mix series was created so that I could have fun with the organic, deep and dirty sounds emerging from the Deep House, Techno, Deep Tech and Nu-Disco scenes over the past few years. (I recommend episode 4, 3, 2 and 5 to start.)