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The Heart of Tibet

With heart-wrenchingly beautiful Tibetan Folk Singing and Mantra Chanting interwoven in an ethereal ambience of Eastern strings, Asian flutes, organic electronic synths, and healing sounds from nature, hear the compassionate heart of a peaceful culture that greets the world with love and gratitude despite immense suffering.


This EP aims to inspire people around the world to help preserve the ancient traditions of all indigenous cultures. Reviving the traditions of the past will ensure our future survival. By relearning the ancient traditional ways of living in harmony with Mother Earth we will heal ourselves, our societies and our planet. 


In a universally accessible modern style that breaks down all borders, “The Heart of Tibet” shines new light onto ancient traditions. 


This EP is the first of 4 EPs that will be released during 2016 culminating in the launch of "The Heart of Tibet" album.