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3rd Eye Infinite (Bonus Track Version)

3rd Eye Infinite (Bonus Track Version)

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This download includes the bonus track, Sky Essence, which is an extended version of the menu music from ShapeSpaceVR's Zen Parade app.  In addition to Sky Essence, the download also includes the 29 minute Full Length Mix of 3rd Eye Infinite, as well as the Original Mix of 3rd Eye Infinite which is featured in ShapeSpace VR's Zen Parade virtual reality app).


Sky Essence lifts you into the wind and clouds for a relaxing auditory journey across the sky.


3rd Eye Infinite is a hypnotic sound bath that I created with the intention of connecting the heart and mind. I believe that when the heart and mind act in union - profound positive experiences, healing, and transformation can result. When heart and mind synchronize with the rhythm of nature, our experience of life is more graceful and effortless.


Shaman from the Tuvic Region of Mongolia employ a powerful form of harmonic overtone throat singing called “Hoomi” to connect with, and channel the energies of nature to bring about healing and transformation. 


3rd Eye Infinite uses Hoomi, didgeridoo, and a variety of sound healing traditions from ancient to modern to rejuvenate the listener's mind, body, and spirit.


3rd Eye Infinite is featured in the upcoming Zen Parade VR app. Find out more about the Zen Parade VR experience at